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In order to strengthen America’s  historical links to Ireland, a long standing ally, this Committee seeks to  call attention to   the real and potential threat  of   Britain’s Brexit policies to Ireland’s economy,  to  American interests and investments  there including the  obligations of the Good Friday Agreement.        


1.            The only real progress made in resolving the conflict in Ireland has involved the initiatives of American President’s.  The most significant of these have been the appointment of a Special Envoy to Ireland (President’s Clinton,  Bush & Obama)  and the removal of visa restrictions (President Clinton) to Sinn Fein leaders.  Britain’s exit from the European Community is all but certain to create economic and political instability in Ireland.  A Special Envoy would insure  that doesn’t happen and that the  British  embrace the McGuinness Principles throughout  the peace process.      


 We seek the appointment by the President of such an envoy to insure the progress achieved to date in resolving the conflict is not undone by British mischievous politics,  punitive  economic decisions associated with BREXI implementation and lawless security services actions.      


2.            The 1998 Belfast Agreement (GFA) negotiated with the aid of former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell has served to remove  guns from  the Irish conflict and  to provide a measure of progress in protecting  human rights and democracy.  The GFA  is an international treaty with legacy, human rights and justice obligations the UK  continues to ignore, delay and  obstruct.   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly announced  in Ireland  there would be no new US-UK trade deal if the GFA is not respected in all its terms. 


We seek  voices  to amplify  the Speaker’s concerns for  any derogation of Great Britain from the obligations of the 1998 Belfast Agreement( and its successor pacts) and  to ask for a thorough   review of  all  U. S.-U. K. trade agreements, licenses or contracts pending before the Ways & Means Committee   to  underscore that concern.


3.            Britain ignored  the results of its  last General Election in all of Ireland  in 1918,   armed the  loyalist  minority and  Parliament  then divided Ireland  without one Irish vote ever being cast in its favor.   Now with the Brexit vote in NI for Remaining (53-47) Britain again ignores the majority.      Partition  now makes even less sense and promises more economic stagnation, political and economic instability and an erosion of human rights and social progress in the North. 


We seek the voices of Americans,  Members of Congress and the leaders of the UK, EU and the UN to acknowledge  the Brexit threat to Ireland   as an opportunity  for re-unification.  The Institute of European Studies report of Dr. Hubner and the Joint Oireachtas report of the Irish government underscore the  economic benefits of  uniting  Ireland, as a  most logical, practical and economic  way to cope with looming Brexit  dangers.

 June, 2019