February,  2019



There is no plus side to BREXIT for Ireland.  The ABC is joining Ireland’s voice of concern for their economy, their people , for justice, peace and the rule of law.  The UK wants its own  safety net   to off-set  the Brexit self-harm and expects a US-UK trade and assistance package  once they leave the EU.      President Trump has publicly promised  a great deal without any apparent concern for the actions Britain will take with BREXIT and their effects on Ireland.   Equally  important, PM May’s political   pact  with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party will  insure the continued failure of the UK  to fulfill its Treaty obligations under the peace process.  Prime Minister May is calling for a removal of the European Convention of Human Rights and for amnesty of  British security services personnel that killed or colluded to kill innocent civilians in NI.  Brexit will be used as another UK excuse for under-mining and delay fulfilling the Good Friday Agreement the US supports.     

We ask for your help in three specific way:

a.      Direct a letter to the Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations James Risch (ID-R) and Chairman of House Ways and Means  Committee, Richard Neal (MA-D))  asking for a list of all trade deals and procurement contracts the Committee has approved for the United Kingdom in the past three federal Fiscal Years and for a listing of any such deals and procurement’s currently pending before the Committee. 

b.      Direct a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  expressing concern for  Britain’s failure to fulfill their obligations under the Irish peace process and  their obstruction of legacy requirements and human rights provisions.  Ask the Secretary if he is familiar with the Irish governments objecting to the restoration  of a ‘hard’ partition border  and  the democratic vote in  N. I. to REMAIN in the EU. If there is to be a Special Envoy as President Trump promised what are the credentials likely to be.

c.       Make a request in letters to the  respective Chairpersons of Senate Foreign Relations, James Risch (ID-R) and   the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel (NY-D) and the  Co-Chairs of the Committee for the Security and Cooperation in Europe ( Helsinki Commission) Chairman   Rep. Chris Smith ((NJ-R) and  Co-Chair Sen. Roger F. Wicker (MS-R)  to hold hearings on the Brexit impact on Ireland, the potential destabilization of the peace process and the failure of the UK to meet its obligations under the GFA.


Please visit our website and/or contact us as above for further information or assistance.